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Kfir Elevators” Group was established in 1975, and since its establishment, operates in various fields in the elevators industry.

Kfir Elevators” Group is one of the largest and well-established companies in the elevators industry of Israel and serves thousands of customers in the private, business and public sectors.

Kfir Elevators” Group success derives from understanding and the preciseness of high quality product and on courteous reliable service; our customers enjoy high availability, open communication with company employees, and willingness to help in any matter pertaining to the work together..

Adding elevators in existing buildings
Kfir Elevators has an accumulated experience of adding hundreds of elevators to existing buildings and proven ability to optimally exploiting the area, planning the construction of the elevator and choosing the most appropriate parts.

Import, manufacture and installation
Kfir Elevators Industries Ltd. is an independent company from “Kfir Elevators” Group. The company is a leading technology company in the elevator industry of Israel and offers unique technological and engineering solutions

Renovation and upgrading of elevators
An elevator is composed of thousands of pieces, some are necessary for the elevator’s operation (and safety of the passengers) and some are intended for the elevator passengers in the aspect of decorative and design

Service for elevators and escalators
Kfir Elevator Services Ltd. Is an independent company from “Kfir Elevators” Group, and since its establishment is one of the largest leading companies in the field.

"Kfir Elevators" Group  |  11 Atir Yeda St, Kfar Saba
Service: Phone +972-9-7642828  fax +972-9-7665527  |  Industries: phone +972-9
7642800  fax +972-9-7665537

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